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Usdbf logo transparent The USDBF Competition and Technical Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a Coach Training Certification program.

This is a two-level certification program. The Competition and Technical Committee believes it is critical to the growth and development of the sport that the USDBF offer quality training programs to our membership.

Level 1 Coach Training is an entry level program designed to teach essential coaching skills for novice, recreational and intermediate teams.

Senior Instructors: Liz Bradley, Pat Bradley Pan Am Dragon Boat LLC and Connie Flesuras Dragon Boat Training Inc.

Level 2 Coach Training is an advanced training program which prepares coaches to “coach to compete.”

Senior Instructors: Konrad Doerrbecker and Pat Bradley Pan Am Dragon Boat LLC.

Together and separately Pat and Konrad have led their USA and Canadian Club and National teams to dozens of World Championships. Most recently they led the USA Senior C team to an unprecedented 11 gold medals at the 2019 World Championships in Thailand. Liz was an athlete and team captain on the team.

Connie Flesuras brings 20 years of dragon boat paddling, team and club management and drumming experience to the course. Connie was a Team USA National Coach for several years and a World Championship medalist.

We are pleased to take this important step forward with our Senior Instructors. For more information on USDBF Certified Coach courses please visit our instructors websites at www.panamdragonboat.com and www.dragonboattraining.com.

For information on this program and any other related questions please contact the competition and Technical Committee at competition@usdbf.org.


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