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Fundamendals of Dragonboating

USDBF Level 1 Certification

Dragon Boat Training Inc and the United States Dragon Boat Federation are proud to present this 2-day virtual training.

Course includes:

  • Team safety – Injury prevention - nutrition
  • Basic stroke mechanics – coaching strategies
  • Identification of your coaching style - communication
  • Ability to create & utilize team mission and goal statements
  • Designing team season and practice plans
  • Boat seating and crew selection
  • Learning to capture and use video as a coaching tool
  • Utilizing “critical eye”
  • Developing a race day plan
  • Ethics in coaching
  • Plus 5 video segments to be viewed on YOUR schedule

Fee: $225 per participant (includes $25 USDBF certification fee)

Course to include 5 video segments to view at student discretion before the course begins, plus a student manual.

Registration will be limited to the first 16 students to assure a quality experience.

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