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Dear Connie,

On behalf of the Salem Water Otters, I'd like to thank you for the fabulous paddling clinic in Portland, Oregon , on February 17th. You and your staff were fabulous from the critique to the execution of our paddling critique. The team feedback was exciting, positive, and created tons of forward momentum.

As a new team, that has never been on the water, we appreciate all the help. Ruth and I held a pool practice the next evening after the clinic. What we saw was an enormous change from what we first saw in that first video your staff made of us paddling. Our team self corrected all the issues that your staff pointed out to them. They choked up on their paddles, paddles in as one, paddles out as one, timing, and paddle position were all 1,000% improved!! All this in just a 24hr period of time.

If you have any reading or research material you think will be helpful to our new team getting off on the right foot, please feel free tell us . We are trying to have as many tools in our tool belt as possible to help with our new team we are so excited about. We also appreciate your willingness to have open communication with Coach Ruth as situations might arise on the boat , as well extending your hand in getting us off and paddling in the right direction.

We are looking forward to coming up again March 3rd for the Steers and Caller clinic.

Have a great day! Sincerely,
Patti Green
Salem Water Otters
Team Admin
LA Pink Dragons

After wishing to make it happen for some time, the LA Pink Dragons were privileged to have a private weekend clinic with Connie. From the first moments of instruction, Connie’s coaching authority and Kathy’s paddling proficiency were undisputed. With a couple cycles of hands-on water training and individualized video feedback, Connie gave spot-on critiques for every paddler, while keeping the mood inspiring and fun. We had an immediate improvement in stroke efficiency and quickly determined to make clinics with Connie a continuing part of our team training program. (Next season’s clinic is already booked.) Work with Connie and you’re hers: It was a treat to have her call for our women's heats in Vancouver, BC recently. We are thrilled to be under Connie's tutelage in any form, in any port.

Here's to Connie. The best in the West, and possibly the world!

Cheryl Schmid
Coach, LA Pink Dragons

Thank you so much for your and Kathy's expertise at the paddlers clinic. The way you articulate and connect to the paddlers is exceptional. We coach the same technique but I must be speaking in a foreign language because the crew came away talking about the same things I had been trying to teach like they had never heard it before. The important thing is that they understand the concepts now. My club is a mix of new to intermediate paddlers and they all took away things that will help them as they progress as athletes. As a coach, connecting to the crew is critical and I can now use the concepts the paddlers learned using different language to get better results. The crew was so excited they had their own practice without me on Monday to start applying the techniques. I was out with them Tuesday night for the first time after the clinic and the changes were obvious and very impressive. The benches are now starting to shine from all of the 'polishing'! I now have three coaches who have been through your coaching clinic and paddling clinic and could not be happier. Our new BCS program has two additional coaches that you have trained. I will be sending them all back to you for more advanced training and we will definitely be using you again for future clinics. Again, thank you for your passion and dedication to the sport!

Jeff Campbell

I've never had the honor of paddling on one of Connie's teams, but I have had the honor of her being a clinician on my boat. Connie is an icon in the paddling community and her reputation precedes her. With all of her experience, knowledge and paddling expertise, Connie has an eagle eye for perfection. She can read a boat like no one I've ever seen, and her ability to break down a single stroke is remarkable. She has such an incredible feel for a boat, that she could have her eyes closed and still know where the tweaking needs to be made. Connie has personally given me golden coaching nuggets, and I absolutely love any chance I get to work with her!

Christine Pezzulo
Wasabi Paddling Club - Portland, OR

Connie, I just want to let you know that your coaching class changed the way I see racing.

Before your class I never considered any goal but winning. Now I really see value in having the team decide its goals, and appreciating that winning is only one good outcome. So, just wanted to say thanks!

Golden Dragons - Portland,OR

Your teaching skills were truly wonderful. You never made anyone feel dumb or inadequate, and you always found something positive to say while you were correcting something else.

Thanks again for a great morning and a chance to really understand what the stroke is all about.

Susan Hester
Seattle Club Sake
Central Coast SurvivOars at IDCPC Festival in Sarasota FL. For organization, thoroughness, and toughness tempered by understanding, Connie is unsurpassed. You will become a better paddler for sure, but along with it comes a deeper feeling for the water, the boat and the team.
Denise Youngman
SurvivOars - Morro Bay
Connie's years of experience are evident the minute she steps on the boat. She is a strong professional presence at the front of the boat and inspires paddlers to do their best. Her technical expertise comes through in simple instructions and succinct commands. Connie knows all aspects of the sport - from the Team USA and IDBF levels to kinds of boats - she can answer so many questions! Connie cares about the paddlers and works with them to help them achieve their best.
Jean Quinsey
Wasabi Paddling Club
Indy SurviveOars at IDCPC Festival in Sarasota FL. Connie's years of experience with paddlers of all levels, including breast cancer survivors is invaluable. Whether you are a first time coach or have been coaching for years, there is something for everyone in this course. You will learn the fundamentals of coaching a dragon boating team from breaking down the stroke and teaching it, a great set of motivational tools and developing a comprehensive season training plan. The course is a open and honest assessment of the coaches relationship with their team and provides tools to foster and grow in that relationship. I cannot wait to apply what I learned to our upcoming season!
Sarah Demmon
Coach of Indy SurviveOars

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